Improve My Swim


We pride ourselves in providing a friendly, safe and supportive environment as standard when using any of our services.

Clients will receive a tailored service based on ability to help you achieve your goals no matter how small they may seem.

Our services apply to the following types of swimmer, which one are you?

• Non-swimmer

It doesn't matter the reasons you never learnt, whether you didn't have a chance or just weren't interested as a child, or maybe you even have a fear of the water. It is never too late to learn how to swim.

• Swimmer with no open water experience but would like to learn.

• Leisure swimmer who wants to improve their technique.

• Swimmer who wants to try an event or race.

• A marathon swimmer or triathlete who wants to reduce their time or improve a PB as well as reduce energy expenditure.

So yes, these services are for any and all types of swimmer.

Why swim at all?

• Mental and physical health benefits

Regular swimming is known to be effective for lowering incidences of depression and anxiety and improve sleep patterns. Swimming releases dopamine, the natural chemical that can lead us to experience a greater sense of pleasure and wellbeing through reward.  In addition cold water exposure triggers a release of endorphins that induces happiness and even a euphoric feeling as our bodies adapt to the temperature change.

• Personal safety and safety of others

Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim together with recognising the hazards is an essential life-saving skill gained through experience.

• Pleasure

Swimming is an innate ability we all have, is fairly inexpensive to pursue compared to most other sports and one of the best ways to enjoy nature.

Latest News


Improve my swim is still operational but under the following guidelines.

Open water coaching - Available

We are now coaching outdoor one-to-ones, small private groups, family safety sessions and small group sessions. (Six adults from different households are able to meet in an outside environment to undertake training, allowing for a coach to participant ratio of one to five.)

To make sure that sessions run safely for you, me, and other open water users, the following will apply:

Your session is subject to various extra conditions, including being able to verify that you're healthy and symptom-free. If you or I display symptoms, we will postpone the session.

Sessions will be planned to avoid crowds.

I won't be able to lend any kit, so please make sure you have everything you need for our session. Don't worry I will provide a specific list.

If our session plans for the use of a wetsuit please make sure that you can zip up by yourself.

Please bring hand sanitiser for after your session.

You must notify me immediately if you find you have been in contact with someone with symptoms in the 2 weeks prior to our session.

Stroke Analysis - Open Water Packages Available

Outdoor swimming pools are able to begin reopening from Saturday 11 July and indoor pools from 25 July. Some pools may not be ready to open as soon as they are allowed.

Open Water Swim Tours - Currently on hold

Open Water swim tours are still unavailable due to borders/country restrictions and some accommodations are still not open.


I will continue to risk assess all sessions to ensure that the appropriate safety precautions are followed.

We will update our services and review our relevant risk assessments and reopen services accordingly.