Swimming Hat Collection Book

Product details
As swimmers we have all at some point either lost a hat, had to use one that is screwed up and stuck to itself or just damaged an old favourite.

This swimming hat collection book was designed to clearly display your hats and prevent them from being damaged. Each book holds 10 hats and is bound together with your choice of paracord colour. The book leaves are also designed to fit a standard ring binder/lever arch file for those special memorabilia hats.

• Leaves constructed from 1.5-2.0mm thick black polyethylene.

• Leaf edges are naturally feathered during the water cutting process to ensure no sharp edges (no damage to hats).

What's included
• 10x Leaves.

• Coloured paracord binds.

Delivery options
• Collection in person (meet at an open water swim location).
• P&P = £4.27* * based on 1x book and current Royal Mail costs.

Wi-Fi Sub-Aqua Antenna Kit

Product details
Most modern action video recording cameras are designed without a manual view finder to minimise the camera size but instead come with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to view what your camera sees on your device; such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc.
The only problem with this is if you intend to use your camera underwater.  Wi-Fi cannot travel through water and therefore you will not be able to see what your camera is viewing.
The 'Wi-Fi Sub-Aqua Antenna Kit' was developed to overcome this issue by allowing the signal to travel through water with non invasive connections.
What's included
• Antenna - available in 2m, 5m & 10m lengths.
• 5x Ties (hook & loop).
• 2x Quick release antenna clips.
Delivery options
• Collection in person (meet at an open water swim location).
• P&P = £2.94 - based on current Royal Mail costs.





Clip for Wi-Fi Sub-Aqua Antenna Kit


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